Voter turnout "low" for Horry County chair primary election

The polls are open until 7 p.m. tonight in the Horry County Council chair primary election, but voter turnout all day has been low.

Voters are choosing from among five candidates: Al Allen, Liz Gilland, Debbie Harwell, Mark Lazarus and Fonzie Lewis.

Two precincts in Socastee are reporting that less than three percent of voters came out to vote Tuesday.

Overall, the Election Commission says the numbers have been lower than they expected, adding that only less than 10 percent have showed up to vote.

Special elections usually have lower numbers and the rain Tuesday morning didn't help, according to Horry County Elections Director Sandy Martin.

"A lot of people don't take into consideration the county council chair position or understand what's involved with county council but what they don't realize is these offices directly affect them," Anthony Trinca, a poll worker said.

The last special election was in 2003 and 14.8 percent of registered voters turned out for that election.

Even though this is a primary, there is a chance there could be an outright winner because all the candidates are running as Republicans.

The election commission will divide all of votes by two and if there is a majority vote, that person is the winner.

If not, there will be a runoff election in two weeks between the top two.

Get results here on when polls closed.