Vote postponed on mystery Project Blue

The president of the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation says he's received calls from Horry County Council members upset about the controversial Project Blue.

"Folks have said, look, let's make sure we continue to gather the information so we can fully understand the situation but we have got a firm grasp on what's occurred," Brad Lofton, President of the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation told NewsChannel 15 Tuesday.

Last week, an article from Waccamaw Publishing, which prints the Myrtle Beach Herald and other local newspapers, reported Project Blue is an Atlanta-based company called Covation.

The article said Covation's chief operating officer, David Rocker, served a year in federal prison for income tax evasion. A search of the prison database shows Rocker was released in January, 2001.

"We've done all the background checks. They're pristine, credit and background checks. It's great company that has a great track record. So even the gentleman with the issue has created nearly 10,000 jobs in the last ten years for their fortune 100 client," Lofton said.

Horry County Council was set to vote tonight on the final reading for an incentive package to bring Project Blue to Horry County.

Economic development officials have said Project Blue would have an annual payroll of about $30 million a year and bring 1,020 jobs to the area.

That vote has been delayed until September 18th.

MBREDC spokesperson Candace Howell says the delay is because of the company known as Project Blue. She said the company wanted to have its part of a contract signed prior to it going to county council.