Vote delayed for rezoning of Pawleys Island Plaza

The Georgetown County Council has deferred its scheduled first vote on the proposed rezoning of Pawleys Island Plaza at the request of the developer, Sun Belt Ventures, according to the county's public information officer Jackie Broach.

The vote was scheduled to happen on October 9, but first reading is now scheduled for November 13.

Last month, about 1,300 people turned out to a Georgetown County Planning Commission meeting for a public hearing on a possible big box store coming to the plaza.

Rumors have circulated that a WalMart would anchor the plaza stores, but developers say that decision has not been made.

The planning commission decided to recommend to the full council that the improvements to the plaza include only stores 45,000 to 60,000 square feet. The developer had requested a store size of 119,000 square feet.

Groups such as Don't Box the Neck and the Coastal Conservation League are fighting the development.

Some small business owners, though, welcome the idea.

Council will have three votes on the proposed rezoning.