Volunteers helping to solve cold cases in Myrtle Beach

A group of 30 volunteers is teaming up with Myrtle Beach Police to help solve cold cases.

The 30 people are divided into five groups to work with detectives.

The groups meet monthly at the Myrtle Beach Police Station to re-evaluate all the evidence in the cases.

The volunteers are all former police from various agencies.

They are digging through incident reports, combing over interviews, and using new technology to test evidence.

Captain David Knipes with the Myrtle Beach Police Department says they want to solve every crime, no matter how old it is.

"We're hopefull that it's going to help us to solve some of these cases, you know obviously it's not going to help with everything, but if it just solves one cases that's the purpose of what we wanted," said Knipes.

The volunteers are only working on unsolved homicide cases right now.

Once those are solved, they will move on to other crimes.