Volunteers fill ambulances with supplies for fire victims

One group of volunteers spent their Sunday loading ambulances with supplies for those families who lost their homesin the Windsor Green condo fire.

Volunteer Laura Koluch said she is absolutely amazed at how generous and giving everyone has been.

She said they reached their goal of filling one ambulance with supplies within the first hour.

"We're still working on getting more boxes so we can sort and box and we'll do what we have to do to get people what they need," said Koluch.


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the idea to do all this started Saturday night when she got together with her boss at Agape Senior Center and decided to load an ambulance for all the fire victims.

Car after car came through full of donations from food and water to supplies and toiletries.

Koluch said people were even coming to see what they needed and then going out and buying supplies.

"They're just, they're concerned and they care and they're worried for these people and that's all they want is just to have them taken care of," Koluch explained.

She hopes the supplies give those families in need hope and that they know their community is behind them.

They're going to keep filling ambulances with supplies until Sunday night.

To donate just head over to 2320 Highway 378 in Conway.

They will also accept donations between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday