Visitors flock to the Grand Strand for Christmas

While some people have left the Palmetto state to visit families for Christmas, others have come to visit the Grand Strand.

"We have family members in the area so we came to visit them and then just came to the beach," Gloria Johnson of North Carolina said.

"I'm getting to be here with my mom and my step-dad. It's been a while since i've gotten to see them," Derrick Otter of Arizona said.

There was still a pretty nice size crowd of people out along Ocean Boulevard on Christmas Eve, although not as many as during the summer months.

"It's absolutely wonderful out here. I've been loving the weather, it's been really great," Otter said.

Some people even stepped foot on the Grand Strand for the first time this Christmas holiday.

"Never been to Myrtle Beach ever. So this is really nice to have a week down here together with my boys," Fannie Rivers of North Carolina said.

Rivers even had such a good time that she's already planning her next beach vacation.

"We were just discussing that. Coming back next year around this time of year where it's not crowded and you can get in and out of places and do stuff and have fun," Rivers said.

Some visitor center employees on Ocean Boulevard who say some of the area shows and attractions are still open on Christmas Day, so if you're in the area, feel free to stop by and buy some tickets.