Visitors, business owners keep eyes to the sky as tropical system threatens our area

The Fourth of July has become the busiest time of year for businesses along the Grand Strand.

Many people who work at businesses along Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach said they plan to keep a close watch on a tropical system that could affect our area Thursday.

Some said this bad weather could take a bite out of our area's local economy.

"To have the bad weather, that's the worst thing economically. That'd be the worst thing that could happen to us," said Kendel Stultz who works at a business along the boulevard.

He said that many other businesses owners like him depend on the holiday to make a profit.

Not only are business owners wary of it, but tourists are as well.

Many who are staying for the week said they will not be scared off by the storm, but it could affect their fun outdoors and on the beach.

"Indoors is pretty boring. And that's saying for somebody who likes indoor things, but I came to Myrtle Beach to hang outside and stuff," said Alex Primrose who is visiting.

The good news is Chief Meteorologist Ed Piotrowski says right now it looks like any impacts we would feel would be Thursday into Thursday night, leaving us good weather for Friday through Sunday for the holiday weekend.