Vision Air's service turns blurry

Vision Airlines has been servicing Myrtle Beach International Airport for almost two months, but their services are hitting some turbulence.

Passengers with flights to Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Louisville have been facing extremely long delays.

Customers waiting for a flight to Indianapolis were forced to wait over 36 hours before the flight could take off.

Currently, flights to Louisville, Kentucky are at a 24 hour stand still, and after that there are two more flights that need to leave Myrtle Beach.

NewsChannel 15 spoke with customers who were getting very frustrated at the lack of answers.

"I've been here since 5:30 this morning, they keep saying it'll be four hours, then it's another fours hours," said Myrtle Beach resident, Lois Ramsey.

Vision Airline employees that were checking passengers in had no answers about why the planes were not working, nor when they would be running again.

Passengers were referred to this website where they could check the status of their flight.

They were also given a phone number which many customers could not get an answer from.

"The number's not functioning," said Ramsey.

Many customers chose to get alternative flights or rent

cars instead of waiting for the planes to get back in the air.

Airports director Mike LaPier says "we are apologetic on behalf of the airline and the airport for any delays and inconveniences



LaPier does mention the airport cannot control these delays, nor can they do anything to fix them. The individual airline is responsible for that. The airport is simply there to provide a facility for the airplanes.

NewsChannel 15 left voicemails and emails for Vision Airlines but they did not return our messages.