Vision Airlines fined $50,000 for charter flight cancellations in Myrtle Beach

The U.S. Department of Transportation is fining Vision Airlines $50,000.

Vision Airlines faces the fine for violating rules that protect passengers when their public charter flights are canceled suddenly, according to a DOT press release.

Vision operated flights for Direct Air. Direct Air was also known as Myrtle Beach Direct Air & Tours, which shut down suddenly in March.

It scheduled chartered flights from cities in the Midwest and Northeast to Myrtle Beach.

Vision is being issued the fine because of violating public charter rules. The DOT enforces a ban on canceling flights less than ten days before they are scheduled to depart, unless it is physically impossible to operate the flight.

Vision Airlines stopped chartered flights for Direct Air on March 13.

According to the DOT, many passengers did not get the service for which they paid Direct Air.

The DOT also ordered Vision Airlines to "cease and desist from further violations" according to a press release.