Vision airline complaints go viral

Dozens of passengers are still dealing with delay headaches from Vision Air

after flights over the weekend were delayed, causing many to respond on the web, calling Vision's customer service a disservice.

Vision Air, an airline that has been flying in and out of Myrtle Beach International airport for two months, had flights delayed to Springfield, Toledo, and Kentucky.

"I was supposed to fly from Indianapolis to Myrtle Beach with my 3-year-old son for a family vacation. We stayed in Indianapolis for 24 hours most of which was in the airport. We were lied to and had our luggage held onto the entire time," Timothy Trageser wrote on the Vision Air's facebook page.

Passengers say they were told to call a corporate number, and many were either disconnected or hung up on. Others say the customer service representatives they spoke with had no answers about the delays and referred them to a website.

Our calls and e-mails to the airline have also not been returned.

"It's kind of a pain in the butt," Sean Andrews of Springfield, Illinois said after a 24-hour delay kept him and his family grounded in Myrtle Beach an extra day. "I don't think I'd fly Vision again to be honest with you."

The complaints continued online

Melanie Mosley called the experience with Vision terrible.

The marketing director for Myrtle Beach International says that customer service doesn't play into the vetting process when it comes to what airlines fly in and out of Myrtle Beach. The FAA regulates carrier certification, but other than that, he says, if an airline wants to fly into an airport like Myrtle Beach, they can.

Vision Air does not have a twitter account, and it doesn't mention anything about the delays on its Facebook page. The airline did post on its website this weekend


the delays

, saying

assigned to those flights were not available.