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      Vigil being held Monday to remember bicyclist killed

      A candlelight vigil will be held Monday night in Myrtle Beachto remember a 20-year-old cyclist who died after she hit the side of a bus.

      M yrtle Beach police say the Ukranian woman, Ohla Marchuk, was riding her bicycle on the sidewalk Wednesday when she illegally crossed at the intersection of 9th Avenue North and Kings Highway around 10 a.m.

      Marchuk hit the side of a bus and was run over by the back tires.

      P olice say the driver of the bus had the right of way and will not be charged.

      T he vigil will be held at 8:30 p.m. Monday near Wonderworks, where Ohla used to work, at Broadway at the Beach.

      Everyone is welcome.