Viewer shares video of NMB plane crash

When a plane crashed into an RV at a North Myrtle Beach RV park Tuesday afternoon, Michael Runser was driving by and captured the first moments following the crash.

The crash happened at one o'clock. The pilot, who has not been identified, and a woman in the RV that was hit, died.

Runser tells us he and a co-worker were eating lunch at Barefoot Landing and driving past Briarcliffe RV resort when they heard an explosion and saw the smoke.

Runser said, "You could really feel the intense heat, you know, coming from the fire. A lot of cracking and popping, and you know, whether it were to spread to another Winnebago. Something might blow up. So, there was a lot fear. A lot of fear on the other people's faces too."

There is a neighborhood with single family homes next to the RV park.