Victims talk about losing everything in Front Street fire

Dozens of people were displaced when the Front Street fire ripped through seven buildings in historic downtown Georgetown, and now they are picking up the pieces and trying to move forward.

Jeanette Ard, a Georgetown city councilwoman, owned Colonial Florist on Front Street and lived above her shop. Now, she's in disbelief that she has lost everything.

"Everything that you treasure, you know I've raised two children and have three grandchildren, so all the memories and all the little things I have from them are gone," Ard said.

Ard was in Kentucky and got the first flight back to town Wednesday to find her business and home were gone.

"I just haven't even assessed what to do. I have lot of friends and people in the community that have come forward. I just have to find a place that's affordable to move into and start home all over again." she added.

John Walters is an artist whose studio was above the Goudelock and Co. building. It was among the seven that were severely destroyed. He's lost everything, including his home.

Walters lived in the studio, along with his dog that unfortunately did not make it out of the fire.

He was helping his neighbor escape the fire and did not have time to go back in to save his dog, Jake.

"He and I were really tight. He was very important to me. He went everywhere I went. He laid on my feet when I was painting and creating art."

Walters created his art and sold it out of his home, that is now reduced to ashes.

"I had a collector coming today who was going to buy $20,000 worth of art work. All that art work is gone. It's burned. It's gone away."

Walter's experience came full circle just hours after he helped save his neighbor from the fire, when the neighbor's son paid it forward by buying his last existing work of art.