Veteran says gov't shutdown could mean he'll lose his home

If the government shutdown lasts much longer, the Department of Veterans Affairs says it can't guarantee disability checks for veterans.

"If the shutdown does not end in the coming weeks, the VA will not be able to assure delivery of one November checks to more than 5.18 million beneficiaries," said Eric Shinseki, Secretary of the VA who testified before the House Committee on Veterans Affairs on Wednesday.

One of those beneficiaries is Alvin Locker. The Loris resident was in the Marines from 1968 to 1974 and now collects disability from the VA.

"Is the way I'm supposed to get treated after serving my country in the United States Marine Corps? I'm proud of the Marines. I'm proud of our service men today, but I don't think this is very respectable of me," said Locker.

Without the approximately $2,000 he gets per month, Locker says he'll have to move his family out of the mobile home they rent.

"You think the landlord's going to care? No," said Locker.

Shinseki told members of the Veterans Affairs committee the total payout for veterans next month, would be over $6 billion.

Locker's message for leaders in Washington is simple. "Do your jobs, and make the American people proud of you, or get away from Congress."