Venomous snakes interfere with Chesterfield County murder investigation


A man found shot to death at a home Wednesday night on Sam Jones Road in Chesterfield has been identified as Freddie Herman, 33, according to Chesterfield County Sheriff Jay Brooks.

Brooks said, in the midst of a the investigation, deputies couldn't go inside the home because of all of the venomous snakes inside.

Brooks said the man who was killed collected venomous snakes and several of them were inside the home, as well as several pit bulls.

"Upon arriving at the home, officers encountered several malnourished pit bulls, as well as around 30 box turtles and some wild pigs that had been caged. Inside the home were aquariums that contained rattlesnakes, copperheads, pythons, a cobra and at least two snapping turtles," said Brooks.

He said a snake milker from Charlotte removed the snakes.

A snake milker's job is to handle and extract the venom from snakes.

Brooks said they got a call earlier Thursday afternoon about Herman's body being found in the yard.

Neighbors say they heard gunshots Wednesday night and some think Herman man may have been shot to death that night, according to Brooks.

Anyone with information related to the murder investigation is being asked to call the Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office at 843-623-2101.

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