Vendors protest at Atlantic Beach Bike Fest

Vendors of the Atlantic Beach Bike Fest are frustrated with the high vendor fees the city implemented for the week and Friday morning, 30-40 vendors marched to Mayor Retha Pierce's home in protest of the new fees.

"Of course its hard to break even, we come down here to vendor, we come down here to do a service and now we have to raise our prices," says a vendor that traveled to Atlantic Beach from Brooklyn, NY.

The vendors say they're having to pay $2,100 for a food vendor permit for the three-day weekend, when last year they paid $1,000. Retail permits were $700 last year and vendors are currently paying $1,100.

After the vendors arrived at her home, Pierce came out and said she would address the issue at Town Hall.

The protestors then went to Town Hall, where they are currently waiting to speak with Pierce.

Some of the vendor events were supposed to start around noon Friday, but our crew on the scene says there are only a handful of people on the working the main strip in the town.