Vehicle Rams ABC2 TV Station in Towson

      Outside the ABC2 building in Towson, MD.

      A suspect has rammed the ABC2 station on York road in Towson.

      According to Baltimore County Police, the suspect is a man and potentially armed. According to employees at the station, weapons were found in the car.

      According to ABC2 News reporter Brian Kuebler; "Suspect tried to get in building screaming LET ME IN and said he was into a landscaping truck and rammed the building like 3 times. I saw last 3 as he broke through into lobby."

      Police say the first call from ABC2News came in at 11:45 for a disturbance - a man banging on door trying to get in. Within minutes, a second call for a truck in the lobby. When officers arrived, the suspect was not inside the vehicle. The building was evacuated and the search for the suspect began. No injuries were reported by 1:25 p.m.

      You can read the full story on WBFF here.