U.S. Marine Corps. Celebrates 238th Birthday

Semper Fidelis, a time-honored motto of the U.S. Marine Corps, resonates even more on Sunday as the elite fighting force celebrates its 238th birthday.

"I think that it's something for all Marines to be proud of that we're still an existing force in the United States of America," said William Stanley, a former Corporal in the Marines.

Stanley worked as a metal smith when he was in the Marines. He participated in several operations overseas, including working on the U.S.S Midway, a United States Navy vessel, obtained after WWII, which carried aircrafts.

He was also part of Sunday's celebration at the Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson dealership.

The birthday celebration was open to the public, but it emphasized honoring marines like Stanley through a special birthday cake, banner, and T-shirts, all containing sentimental messages.

For Chris Hall, 19, one important sentiment was the bond of brotherhood, especially since he grew up with two sisters.

Hall joined the Marines last November and is now a junior Marine and hopes to one day become a Sergeant Major.

"My mind is like a sponge now. I want to pick the brains of everybody over me and to get good at my job and be more professional at everything I do," Hall said.

However, it's not just the bond of brotherhood that the Marine Corp Fosters. For Kayla and Rich Runski, it's also the bond of marriage, which wouldn't have been formed if they hadn't joined the marines.

"It was through a mutual friend that I deployed with. They were friends from back home and introduced us. Just hit if off right off the bat," said Rich. "Every day reminds us of how we met and why we met in the Marine Corps."

Another big piece of the Marine tradition is the Marine Corps Ball.

Throughout the month of November, The Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center Hotel will be hosting several of those events.