(Updated 4pm) Westboro Baptist protestors leave St. James High

Protestors and counter-protestors outside St. James High School Friday afternoon / Mola Lenghi

The five members of the Westboro Baptist Church have left St. James High School, after holding signs outside that said 'God hates your idols' and 'Bloody Obama'

Between 50 and 100 counter-protestors remain as school lets out for the day. They're asking for support from drivers passing by.

Traffic is moving in front of the school, but many cars are going slowly at the intersection of Highway 707 and Salem Road as drivers honk at the protestors and counter-protestors. Some of those drivers had signs of their own and waved American flags out their windows.

As many as 15 officers were there.

While members of Westboro Baptist Church were quietly protesting this afternoon, across the street it was a completely different scene. The counter-protestors were enthusiastic, with a much larger, louder, and more passionate crowd.

As with the morning demonstrations, protestors and counter-protestors were being kept off school grounds.

Protests are also being held at North Myrtle Beach High School and Myrtle Beach High School.

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