United Way of SC helping callers with Obamacare

Agents with the South Carolina United Way are taking more than 100 calls per day on the new Healthcare Marketplace.

"We didn't have any agents on staff that were going to answer the Affordable Care Act calls, so we hired 12 brand new staff members for that," said Quester Byrd, the Call Center Director in Columbia.

The call center has been answering questions about Obamacare since late July, but is now guiding people through the online registration process.

"Most of what were fielding about is what am I required to do? What are the things that I need to do in order to get coverage," said Dominic Ervolina, Quality Assurance Coordinator at the call center.

Anyone interested in the guidance can dial 2-1-1 and be directed to a member of the ACA team. Even though the help won't be face-to-face, it can still be better than trying to navigate a website.

"A lot of times people are just reaching out, they want information, they just want to talk to someone, and were looked at around the state as being a reliable source of information," said Byrd.