TX mom talks about reporting Horry County school threat

Horry County police have arrested a St. James High School student in connection with possible threats made on a social media website.

Joshua Christopher Lane, 18, was charged Wednesday with disturbing schools. He is out of jail on bond.

Police say a school resource officer at St. James was told by school staff Wednesday that a threatening statement was posted on the internet.

A boy in Corpus Christi, TX saw the post on Facebook that said, "You guys thought Columbine was bad... we'll see who's laughing Friday."

The boy immediately told his mother, Dorothy Murray.

"When he read that one (the post), he was worried. He said you know there's enough violence. We don't need someone else kids to get shot, so that's why I decided I needed to let the school know." Dorothy Murray told us by phone Thursday afternoon.

Murray called the school and police tracked down Lane at school Wednesday. He was arrested there.

The post did not specifically mention St. James High, but because Lane attended the school, principal Vann Pannell said that's where the investigation began.

Pannell said after Lane's arrest, school officials performed a safety sweep which included a search for weapons. Nothing was found.

A safety sweep was done and no weapons were found.

Pannel says safety is a top priority. "It's a different technology world that we're trying to stay ahead of. If we don't have people in the community that care about kids inform us that what may be out there, we will never know. So it's important they help us at the same time."

"I'm absolutely glad I spoke up. Like I told the principal when I spoke with him, you know it may be nothing, it may be a hoax, you can never be too safe nowadays," Murray told us.

Officials say the incident highlights the serious ramifications social media website posts can lead to.

Lane is suspended from school and will have a school hearing on Monday. He could be allowed to return to the school at some point, he could be sent to the alternative school, or he could be expelled.

Pannell said Lane is described as a good kid who takes honors courses. He said Lane's teachers are taken aback by what's happened.

As a safety precaution, metal detectors and a drug and gunpowder sniffing dog will be at the school Friday.