Two-year-old shot in Darlington County

Darlington County deputies were called to a hospital emergency room about 1 p.m. Monday for a two-year-old child with a gunshot wound to the stomach.



was treated at the hospital and taken to Columbia for surgery.

Deputies say the boy's family told them the boy found the semi-automatic handgun and was playing with it, when it went off at a home in Heavenly Heights in Lydia.

Deputies are investigating how the


found the gun.

Deputies charged the boy's father, Marcus Lucas, 19, and the child's mother Adrien Jackson, 20, with Unlawful Neglect of a Child, Tampering with Evidence, and Possession of Stolen Property. Investigators say the gun was stolen.

They charged Tylesha Lucas, 18, the child's aunt, with Tampering with Evidence and Possession of Stolen Property.

Investigators say the three tried to hide the gun and shell casing to conceal the shooting before the boy was taken to the emergency room.