Two Timmonsville council members who live out of town get the OK to stay on council

William James

Timmonsville Town Council voted Tuesday to allow Penny Hayes and William James to remain on council even though they live out of town.

Hayes lives in Florence County with relatives.

James has made his home in Darlington County for nearly two years.

Timmonsville town attorney Eleazar Carter said he's received complaints questioning their residency status and brought up the matter during last week's council meeting.

"I brought it up because it was an issue, and I had to make the council aware of it," said Carter.

James told us in November 2012 he lived in Darlington because he was renovating his home on West New Street in Timmonsville. He said he intended to move back to Timmonsville after renovations were made on his home, but vandalism and theft caused delays.

James said his intentions are to move back to Timmonsville.

Hayes has said she's temporarily living in Florence County due to financial reasons, but has plans to move back to Timmonsville as soon as possible.

According to the SC Municipal Association, it's up to town council to decide if a council member's reason for living outside the area is acceptable.