Two plead guilty to passing counterfeit money

Asia Shanniece Currie, 19, and Cedric Willie Bellamy, 26, both of Longs, pled guilty Monday in federal court in Florence, to conspiracy to make, possess, and pass counterfeit Federal Reserve Notes.

United States District Judge R. Bryan Harwell of Florence will sentence the two after he has reviewed the presentence reports, which will be prepared by the U.S. Probation Office.

Evidence presented at the change of plea hearing showed Currie and Bellamy were involved with Kamesha Dolly, previously convicted, in the making, possessing, and passing of counterfeit money from July 2010 until March 2012 in the Lake City area.

Currie and Bellamy were arrested on March 19, 2012, while trying to pass counterfeit currency in Lake City.

Police then searched Dolly's home and found more counterfeit money.

The maximum penalty Currie and Bellamy can receive is a fine of $250,000 and/or imprisonment for five years, plus a special assessment of $100.