Two new projects could bring jobs to Darlington County

Darlington County Council is holding a special meeting Monday afternoon on two economic development projects it's hoping will bring 100 new jobs to the county.

Details about the projects are not being revealed at this point, and are being discussed under code names Project Rockford and Project Samworth, according to Darlington County Administrator Dale Surrett.

Samworth is an existing company that's looking to expand in the county with an $8 million investment. Surrett says the company hopes to add 50 more jobs in the next five years.

Council is holding first reading on an ordinance to extend a tax incentive agreement for project Samworth.

Surrett adds he feels pretty positive about Project Samworth and expects an announcement to be made in the next few days.

Project Rockford is new company that is considering making a $47 million investment in Darlington County that would create up to 50 new jobs over the next five years, Surrett said.

Council is holding first reading on fee in lieu of tax agreement with this company, Monday afternoon.

Surrett says it could be awhile before they know if Project Rockford will locate in Darlington County, but they're optimistic.