Two Horry County farms get 100-year recognition

The South Carolina Century Farms program honors and recognizes farms that have been owned and operated by the same family on the same land for more than 100 years.

In the past week, the Vereen Farm located near Brookville, and the Worley Farm, near Loris were designated South Carolina Century Farms.

Cindy Worley Howell was raised on the Worley Farm and has seen several crops and animals come and go.

"My husband, my children and I actually live in the home that was on the farm in 1880, when my great, great grandfather bought it," said Cindy.

Presently, the family farm produces goat milk, cheese and elegant goat-milk soap. These products keep the family farm busy year-round.

In the beginning their cash crops were cotton, peanuts, tobacco and soybeans.

While they still farm some of those crops, the family farm had to change with the times to survive.

The Worley Farm is now being honored for that survival and is a designated a Century Farm.

"They have to make sure that the documentation and everything is authentic and perfectly legal, going from when the farm first came into the family all until now," said Cindy.

Cindy and her father worked for the past year to get the designation. She says it was her father who thought very highly of the title.

"It was a way of cherishing the land and having that designation it's kind of a way of insuring it's going to be preserved. At least through the next generation," said Cindy.

Cindy's father passed away a few months ago, before he could see the land get the Century Farm status.

However, Cindy says her father left her with more than just the land, but an appreciation of the farming lifestyle.

"In fact one of the things he told us along time ago was that we don't own the land. We're here to take care of the land, we're just care takers," Cindy added.

Since the Century Farms program began in 1974, 350 properties have been designated as South Carolina Century Farms.