Two Georgetown groups partner to help more people on Thanksgiving

Helping Hands and Salvation Army volunteers help give out food for Thanksgiving.

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WPDE) - Thanksgiving is almost here and some in our community need a little help putting food on the table. The Salvation Army and Helping Hands of Georgetown partnered together to assist those families.

The warehouse at Helping Hands of Georgetown was temporarily converted into a grocery store filled with traditional Thanksgiving food. Those who stopped by were able to customize their meal. For instance, if they weren't a fan of rice and gravy they could choose stuffing instead.

"We felt like just because people or struggling shouldn't mean they shouldn't have choices," explained Sharon Thomas, Executive Director at Helping Hands of Georgetown. "We all deserve a certain amount of dignity. And I think being able to come into a process where you're having some choices and some control over how your receiving is occuring, I think that's key and important. And some of the research is beginning to show that."

From picking the vegetables they like to cake or pie, the group also received fellowship from the volunteers. One volunteer wished everyone a "Happy Thanksgiving."

"When any part of the community is in need the entire community suffers. So in order to have a more healthy and stable community it's important for us to reach out," said Capt. Jason Hughes with the Salvation Army.

It's the first time Vivian Brunson needed help, "this year is my worst year. And again I'm thankful. It could've been worse than it is now with me."

By working together the two faith based organizations were able to help more people.

"We are serving over 100 additional families plus a few more over our combined numbers of last year," added Hughes. Bringing the total this year to about 375 households.

After those in need picked out what they wanted, they were given the opportunity to make a donation. Thomas said some people did, "many of our people are willing to give back. Many of the people that we help turn around and volunteer here in the food pantry or help in doing applications for others."