Two Dillon High football players arrested

Pete Ingram

Two Dillon High School football players,Tyreek Hayes, 17, and Pete Ingram, 18,

both seniors,

were arrested and charged with Grand Larceny Thursday morning, according to Fourth Circuit Deputy Solicitor Shipp Daniel.

The incident happened during a basketball game against South Robeson High School at Dillon High School last Monday.

Daniel say Hayes and Ingram went into the visiting basketball team's locker room and stole cell phones, jewelry and clothing.

"It's a tough situation because there two young men who have never been in trouble before. They're by all accounts good young men. They just made a mistake. We have a job to do and that's what we've told them, and they have to be punished accordingly," said Daniel.

Daniel stated all of the items were immediately recovered and returned to the visiting team.

Dillon High School's head principal Shawn Johnson expelled Hayes and Ingram from school the next day.

"When these young men made that mistake, we immediately did what we were supposed to do on a school level. Again,I'm concerned about academics but I'm concerned about life lessons as well," said Shawn Johnson.

Hayes played wide receiver for the Dillon High Wildcats and Ingram is a safety. We're told both played huge roles in the team winning a State Championship Title this year.

They're no longer a part of the team and can't attend any school functions relating to the football program.

Johnson says both teens are attending the district's adult education school.

"They have their requirements and so I was disappointed in the fact they can't finish their high school career here," Johnson said.

The teens promised Johnson they would get their diplomas this year.

Hayes and Ingram are being booked at the Dillon County Detention Center where they are expected to immediately bond out of jail