Two dead following standoff situation

NewsChannel 15 has learned that a police standoff in Marlboro County ended Wednesday evening with the deaths of a husband and wife.

Investigators with the Marlboro County Sheriff's Office announced the deaths at a news conference. They say the man and woman were both 42 years old, but haven't released their names. Investigators say there were no children in the home.

Marlboro County County Sheriff's Deputies and the State Law Enforcement Division, as well as other local and state agencies were called to the home around 3:00pm Wednesday.

It happened at a home on Ayres Road in the Blenheim Community.

Sources on scene told NewsChannel 15 the standoff followed a domestic dispute between the husband and wife.

NewsChannel 15's Tonya Brown several times through the afternoon and evening heard officers calling through a bullhorn asking the suspect to surrender.

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