Two communities help clean up the Grand Strand

Volunteers help clean up near the Cherry Grove boat launch

Two Grand Strand communities came together Saturday to pick up trash but with different goals in mind.

Volunteers in the Racepath community of Myrtle Beach came together with Horry County police to clean up the neighborhood.

"The community here has been a ghetto, however you want to call it and it grew, it started growing and growing and now the streets need to be cleaned and we are taking time today to clean those streets that we have," said Reverend William Gause, who helped organize the trash pick up.

Gause added the effort doesn't stop at Saturday's event, "it's going to take a little here and there and the more we do it constantly, we'll start seeing a little bit more people come out."

Efforts were also being made in North Myrtle Beach at the Cherry Grove boat launch where more than 50 volunteers from the local community came together to clean up their own back yard, joined by conservationist Guy Harvey.

"This kind of activity, communal activity, involving people and the ocean are becoming more and more important in our curriculum and our outreach to people to educate them about concerns affecting the marine environment," said Harvey.

Volunteers at Saturday's event picked up 589 pounds of trash. To Harvey, this is a step in the right direction.

"They love fishing, they love the ocean and so it's all about reaching as many people as you can," he said.

Next week there will be a community cleanup along Highway 701 in the Bucksport community. Volunteers are meeting at the James R. Frazier community center at 9 a.m. on June 8.