Two churches defaced with gang graffiti

Police are investigating possible gang activity after someone defaced two churches in the city of Marion.

Marion City Police Chief, Jim Gray, says suspects spray-painted evil and vulgar messages on the church buildings.

"It's awful. I just can't believe someone would put something like this on a church," said Chief Gray.

Several drawings spray painted on Outreach Victory Ministry Church on Godbold Street in Marion show male and female genitalia and stick people engaged in sexual relations.

There's a gang symbol on the house of worship that police say is that of the Bloods criminal street gang and underneath it says anti-christ.

Chief Gray has called in the Marion County Sheriff's Office to help investigate.

"I've got the Marion County gang unit along with the Marion Police Department. We're using all resources to pull together and find out who did this and we definitely want to know why," said Gray.

So does Van Hodge.

He painted over a message spray painted on his church at Mount Olive Seventh Day Adventist on Dixon Street.

The suspects wrote, "Devil's Very Own."

"It's very disturbing, it is, but as I said, this is the work of adversity. It is the work of the devil the work of satan," said Van Hodge.

Officers took pictures of bicycle tracks around Outreach Victory Church for evidence.

They also talked with parishioners and neighbors.

Van Hodge wants police to arrest those responsible, but he doesn't hold any hate against them.

"It's our job to forgive and to forget. You know even though sometimes it's a little hard to forgive but it's our duty," said Hodge.

Police say the crimes happened Wednesday night some time after parishioners left their Bible study services.

The problem is nobody seems to have seen anything.

Officers say there was no damage done to the inside of the churches.

If you have any information on the vandalisms you're asked to call Marion Police at (843) 423-8642.