Two arrested in golf cart thefts

Susan Ida Herring

The North Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety arrested Ricky Tony Galloway and Susan Ida Herring for a series of golf cart thefts that occurred in North Myrtle Beach in June and July.

Herring and Galloway were each charged with four counts of Grand Larceny.

Three of the golf carts have been recovered and have been returned to their owners, according to a news release from North Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety.

Herring and Galloway were originally arrested on unrelated charges by Conway police.

While being interviewed by Conway officers, the release says Herring admitted to traveling to North Myrtle Beach to steal golf carts in June and July.

Galloway was also interviewed, and according to the release, confessed to stealing a number of golf carts in North Myrtle Beach during the same period.

Two of the golf carts were stolen while parked at public beach accesses. Another was stolen from a private residence.