Two abused dogs adopted, another to be put down within days

Butch today

In February, Sasha, Butch and Buddy came into the Horry County Animal Care Center because of neglect and abuse by their owners.

With the cases against their owners resolved, all three dogs were nursed back to health using thousands of dollars of the county's money.

Monday afternoon, someone adopted Sasha, the lab mix who was severely malnourished, and Tuesday, another family adopted Buddy, also a lab mix who was treated for wounds caused by a chain embedded into his neck.

Butch is still at the care center and faces the same fate he was beaten before.

"It's only a few days away before we have to put Butch down," said Animal Care Center's Kelly Bonome.

The care center planned to euthanize all three dogs by Tuesday, but after Sasha and Buddy were adopted, Bonome has decided to give Butch a few more days. "He's started to develop behavioral issues because of being in confinement for so long."

Usually, animals that remain in the shelter for too long become lethargic and show signs of depression said Bonome.

Butch was rescued from the same owner as Sasha.

"A lot of money has been invested in them, and it's hard to justify to the public that we spent so much money and time on these dogs just to put them down. But it's a tough decision. We're just hoping he'll find a happy home," said Bonome.

All three animals were treated and cured of heartworms said Bonome.

The care center decreased the amount of Butch's adoption fees to $25 each. The regular adoption fees for a dog like Butch is $80.