Twitter account probed after Tuesday's school shooting

Horry County Police are investigating messages posted to a Twitter account that may have been operated by the suspected Socastee High School shooter.

The freshman, whose identity is not being released because he is a juvenile, is accused of firing a single shot at the school's resource officer after placing "multiple suspicious devices," possibly bombs, around the school. No students were injured, and the suspicious devices were rendered safe by bomb squad technicians.

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The SRO was not directly hit, but he was struck by shrapnel.

On the Twitter account, which has been widely circulated online, messages about guns, pipe bombs and school shootings were posted over the past few days.

Horry County Police will not confirm whether the freshman operated the account, and they won't say which account they're investigating.

NewsChannel 15 has left the posts exactly as they appeared online and has not edited them except to omit names and expletives.

On Sept. 11, the user posted, "Blew up a pipe bomb and molotov cocktail with (a friend) today. And to all the people who think I'm ganna shoot up socastee, f*** off."

The next day, the user posted, "My knowledge in bombs is getting better:)"

On Monday, the user posted several messages, including, "Things are going great. Should have 6 or 8 pipe bombs and 4 molotov cocktails soon."

Later on Monday afternoon, another post, "Outside, stareing at a huge propane tank. Wondering how big the explosion would be if I shot it or threw a molotov cocktail at it."

Around 8:30, the user writes, "Okay. So I've made this a situation so that no matter what, it works out in my favor."

By 1 a.m. Tuesday, the user continued, "Haha wow, this is ganna be so much fun (; "

At 6 a.m. Tuesday, another message read, "Alright, I'm past the point of no return. No turning back now. Excited, but also scared."

And the final post came around 8:15 a.m. Tuesday and said, "Waiting for my ride. About to head to school. Not much longer."

Horry County Police said similar online threats made against other Horry County schools over the past few don't appear to be connected to Tuesday's incident.