'Twas the day after Christmas, returns and exchanges abound

The day after Christmas has become synonymous with gift returns and exchanges.

On Thursday, Best Buy's parking lot was jammed-packed with cars and people flocking to and from its store buying, exchanging, and returning techie gifts.

"We are returning, hopefully, a laptop and getting a different type of computer so that we can have a little bit more storage. We're having a baby, and I'm sure there will be tons of pictures," said Ashley Kangarloo.

Jack Ammons was looking to exchange his Bluetooth speaker.

"I'm seeing what kind of trade-in value it is and see if I can get more accessories," he said.

The day after Christmas tends to be an opportune time for people to cash-in on some after holiday deals.

Many stores had door-buster deals and big sales to entice people to buy more, including Orvis in Market Common.

Although large crowds are one drawback for customers during the day after Christmas, it's a big lure for retailers.

Orvis Store Manager Larry Tyler said if people are returning or exchanging their gifts, they may be more inclined to purchase additional items because of these after Christmas sales.

"This sweater might be on sale, and it wasn't on sale at Christmas, so they get a little bit more add-ons with it," said Tyler.

At Orvis and Best Buy, the number of people waiting in line to return and exchange items fluctuated depending on the time of day.

Representatives at Best Buy in Myrtle Beach said they anticipate Friday to be a busier day for exchanges and returns.