TV personality pays surprise visit to hospitalized Dillon police officer

Hospitalized Dillon City police officer Jacob Richardson got a surprise on Saturday when The Outdoor Channel's Michael Waddell paid him a visit at a hospital in Florence.

Waddell, who was joined by Richardson's family and close friends, said it was a blessing just to be able to spend some time with the officer. "Just the family and his friends around him and the progress he's making, and you know we all go through valleys and Jacob's certainly going through one but man, he's tough," Waddell explained. "He's coming on through and he's doing it with the love of his family and everybody praying for him, and it was an honor just to come by and visit him, so it's good to see him making good progress."

Richardson was involved in a car wreck three weeks ago. He was called to back up a Dillon County Sheriff's deputy when the wreck happened.

A preliminary report showed that Richardson did not contribute to the wreck.

A multi-disciplinary accident investigation is still underway.

Richardson's family tells us his condition continues to improve every day.