Turnout strong, few problems at polls in Horry County

It's been a busy day of voting in Horry County. Election officials report long lines at many polling places.

One of the busiest polling locations was at Carolina Forest Elementary School, where people starting lining up to vote hours before the polls opened.

One man showed up at 5:15 a.m., which is actually later than when he came to vote four years ago.

"I came out here about 4:30 last time and they had about 15, 20 people ahead of me," said Russell Latiolais of Carolina Forest.

Election officials at Carolina Forest precinct 1 and at other busy locations reported a steady stream of voters all day, but few voting problems.

Socastee High School hosts two precincts. At one of them, poll workers were pleased with how it went.

"In general, we have done very, very well," said Lake Forest precinct poll manager Paul Dillon. "We're processing people really fast."

Some Socastee voters who hadn't used touch-screen machines before were impressed.

"I came from New York, so we're used to the old cranking machine and this is very fast and you can go back and change. I think the process is very smooth," said Robert Barnett of Socastee.

But there were long lines and an hour-long wait for mid-day voters at the other Socastee precinct. Dillon said there were fewer laptop computers at that precinct to check voter registration.

The long wait left some voters wondering: was it worth it?

"Depends how the results come out, you know what I mean?" said voter David Lambert.

If there's a prize for dedicated voters, David Bryant, 68, would be in the running. He's recovering from recent brain surgery and has trouble standing up, so poll workers sat him down and put a machine in front of him so he could cast his ballot.

Needless to say, Bryant takes voting pretty seriously.

"It is an American's duty to vote," Bryant said.

Bryant says until today, he didn't know about curbside voting. Disabled voters can have someone drive them to their polling location and pull up to the curb. A poll worker will bring a machine to the voter.

In Garden City this morning, voters had to use paper ballots for a couple of hours, after poll workers got some of their voting supplies mixed-up and that delayed using the machines.

But that was among the few voting problems reported in Horry County.