TSA recognized for 10 years of service at MYR

The Transportation Security Administration recognized 10 years of operation at Myrtle Beach International Airport Tuesday morning.

TSA operations at Myrtle Beach International airport began September 4, 2002.

"From that beginning 10 years ago, TSA has evolved into an agency that uses intelligence, innovative technologies and a highly trained workforce to keep the traveling public safe," said Debra Engel, Federal Security Director for TSA in Myrtle Beach.

TSA was created in the wake of 9/11 to strengthen the security of the nation's transportation systems while ensuring freedom of the movement for people and commerce.

Within a year, TSA assumed responsibility for security at the nation's airports and deployed a federal workforce to screen commercial airline passengers and baggage.

There are approximately 100 TSA employees at Myrtle Beach International. Of those, 36 have been there since TSA operations began in 2002.