TSA discovers gun in purse at MYR

The Transportation Security Administration discovered a loaded .38 caliber revolver at the security checkpoint at Myrtle Beach International Airport Tuesday morning.

TSA officials found the weapon in a purse around 7:50 a.m.

The woman they say was carrying it, Deborah Ann Serra, 50, of North Myrtle Beach, was passing through security to accompany a child to a flight.

TSA called airport police, and officers arrested Serra.

A TSA screener noticed the weapon as the purse was being screened, according to the report from Horry County police. The purse was removed from the screening area and taken to the inventory table where it was searched and the handgun recovered.

The report says the weapon was loaded with five live rounds. Police say Serra admitted the gun was hers, but that she had a Carry Concealed Weapons Permit from South Carolina.

Serra was taken to the police office at the airport, where the report says she was advised of her rights and told about the signs posted on all doors leading into the terminal that read "No Firearms Allowed."

Serra has been charged with Carrying or Displaying Firearms in Public Buildings or Adjacent Areas.

TSA spokesman Jon Allen advises, "Before you get to the security checkpoint, look through any bags that you're carrying to make sure there are no prohibited items inside."

TSA said it has discovered two firearms at the checkpoint in Myrtle Beach so far this year. Nationwide, 821 firearms were discovered at TSA checkpoints from January through July.