Trees for Tomorrow look to the future

In an effort to preserve the nature of Murrells Inlet, Trees for Tomorrow is trying to make sure everyone does their part.

The group gave away 2,000 trees to people at Murrells Inlet Seafood Saturday.

"Trees for tomorrow was started to reforest the area after local residents were tired of seeing so much asphalt concrete and steel, and decided to do something about reforestation," said founder Rick Baumann.

The group partnered with the South Carolina Forestry Commission, Total Tree Care, and Murrells Inlet Seafood to donate the trees.

John Jensen came to load up on trees to beautify a property he wants to restore.

"I saw the opportunity to replace all the trees that were destroyed, that's basically what I'm here for," said Jensen.

Jensen's thoughts are exactly why Baumann started the group. Baumann says he can't wait to see the results of his work.

"Before I'm on the other side of the grass I want to ride around and look at all these baby trees that we've planted growed up or halfway growed up and smile," said Baumann.

Murrells Inlet Seafood sold chicken bog and chowder to help kick start payments for trees next year.