Travelers react to Precheck Coming to MYR

The Transportation Security Administration's PreCheck program is coming to Myrtle Beach International Airport by the end of this year and will be accepting applications.

The program allows pre-qualified travelers to use an express line, keep belts, shoes and light jackets on, and keep liquids and laptops in carry-on bags.

Right now, PreCheck is only available to certain travelers, those frequent flyers who are invited and approved by their airline or who are already on a Customs & Border Protection approval list. Later this Fall, the TSA plans to allow any traveler to apply for PreCheck certification, for a fee of $85.

Those who apply and are accepted will enjoy the benefits of PreCheck for five years. WPDE Newschannel 15 caught up with several travelers at Myrtle Beach International on Thursday to see what they think about the program.

"I think its a good idea and it will help the airlines, people get through faster and make everyone's travel a lot more less stressful," said Joe Ginelli who was traveling home to Atlantic City.

Others were still concerned about security. "I don't think that security is still good enough, you know what I mean? You still see people... I just don't think its good enough yet," said Tracy Zarriello.

We addressed some concerns with TSA spokesman Jon Allen. "They and their carry on bags still undergo a screening process, so if somebody has a prohibited item inside, that's still going to be identified," said Allen. He added this was the next step in an evolving TSA, one where they can focus more on the people they know less about.

"As long as you all check out as far as security clerance and you're good to do it, then yeah, why not?" said Ginelli.

Travelers can click here for information on locations and hours of active TSA PreCheck lanes.