Trash piling up in Atlantic Beach

Trash piles up in Atlantic Beach after the town fails to pay the company that picks it up.

Update: The bill was paid and the trash picked up by March 18th.

Garbage has not been picked up in Atlantic Beach in several weeks, and Friday morning we learned it's because the town hasn't paid Waste Management since January.

Mayor Retha Pierce says the town owes the company $5,000.

The trash pick up problem was discussed at the town's finance committee meeting Friday morning.

They town is not sure when they'll be able to make the payment.

In the meantime, residents like Christina Sutton are wondering, "Where is all the money going? It makes me very suspicious and leery of what's going on up there. They need to make them account for themselves, because people are paying. There's taxes and stuff like that has to be paid, they're getting their money. What are they doing with it?"