Traffic, the beach and cookouts: Happy Labor Day

James McLaughlin picking up ribs for his Labor Day cookout

While some in our area battled traffic on Labor Day, others enjoyed the last few hours before the unofficial end of summer, with holiday traditions including hitting the beach and holiday cookouts.

Beaches along the Grand Strand were filled with people, many continuing traditions and some visiting for the first time.

"Sometimes we'll stay at the house. We'll go to the lake, we'll cook out, we'll grill out, but this time we decided to take it to the beach so completely spontaneous," said Noah Jones, in Myrtle Beach on vacation.

On this Labor Day Monday, it seemed like many others had the same idea.

"Usually we have cookouts and just hang out with family together at home, but this year we decided to come to Myrtle Beach to have a little vacation time and come stay by the beach," said Janelle Saggese, visiting from Boston.

While the summer may be winding down, many are saying goodbye in style, with a Labor Day cookout, something James McLaughlin and Juan Riutort take very seriously.

"We're cooking on the grill kind of slow. Not too fast but slow where everything comes out golden," McLaughlin explained.

In order to do that, the pair started at the IGA on Main Street in Conway, picking up some ribs and chicken.

"When I pick the ribs and chicken, I look for the freshest chicken, the freshest ribs quality," McLaughlin said.

Those are two of the most popular meats: management at the store said they can barely keep them on the shelves. They estimated that they sold 200 pounds of ribs and 500 pounds of chicken by mid-afternoon on Monday.

McLaughlin and Riutort were also looking to stir up the perfect sauce.

"Well, we got a couple secret ingredients in this sauce right here. We put a little honey and some other little spices in here and we mix this and these two together and we got the perfect sauce," he said.

According to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association, Labor Day is the third most popular holiday to cook out, just after the Fourth of July and Memorial Day.