Traffic fatality support group honors trooper killed in wreck

The South Carolina Highway Patrol has an organization called Families of Highway Fatalities that supports those who have lost loved ones on the roads and shows how they are trying to help save lives.

"We finished last year with 865 fatalities, so we're ranked 7th in the nation, so we have experienced a lot of lives lost on our roadways over the years," said Faith Turner with Families of Highway Fatalities

Jon Humphrey joined the organization after he and his wife lost their son, Jonathan Lee Humphrey II. Jonathan was killed by a drunk driver.

Preventing deaths like Humphrey's was the mission of Corporal Kevin Cusack, of Florence County, who died in a vehicle collision in March 2010.

Friday, Families of Highway Fatalities joined the Red Cross to host a blood drive in Cusack's memory, encouraging people to give the gift of life, especially during the summer months.

"We have hundreds of thousands of people that come to South Carolina, tourists, for beaches, and our gold courses, so the collisions still happen. The blood supply is still needed. But our donors are gone and we get into critical lows, so everybody, I encourage you, come out and give blood," Turner said.

In the 16 blood drives the group has organized, they have collected 793 units of donated blood.

"They've been very supportive. So many people have either needed blood, lost a first responder, lost someone on our roadways," said Humphrey.

Even though his son won't be here to wish him a Happy Father's Day this Sunday, Humphrey knows he has the support of Families of Highway Fatalities.

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Each year, 42,000 people die on our nation's highways and close to 1,000 of those deaths occur in South Carolina.