Town's former employees say skin color led to firings

Former Timmonsville Town Administrator Mark Fountain and Clerk-Treasurer Dora Lee have filed a lawsuit against the town for breach of contract.

Timmonsville council members fired Fountain and Lee on May 11, 2012. The lawsuit says their contracts stated they were to continue in their positions until September 6, 2015.

The two say their contracts were breached because of racial animus based on them being white.

The lawsuit says the council's claims of firing the plaintiffs for failing to perform the duties of their office is false.

Fountain and Lee say their reputations in their business and profession have been diminished, harmed, and damaged by the statements of Timmonsville Town Council.

The lawsuit says the town's actions caused the plaintiffs to also lose income. It says council acted with actual malice or implied malice.

Fountain and Lee are seeking actual and punitive damages as well as attorneys fees and costs in favor of the plaintiffs.