Town says it's working to clean up its act

The mayor of the Marion County town of Sellers, Barbara Hopkins, says her small town has nearly paid off all of its debts to creditors and vendors.

"We was way in debt. We didn't have anything no money at all," said Hopkins.

She adds they owed thousands of dollars to vendors.

Sellers also hadn't filed an audit in 20 years, according to Hopkins.

It is required by state law for municipalities and towns to submit audits to the SC Treasurer's Office.

The audits are needed for the towns and counties to receive their share of the Local Government Fund (LGF) and to provide accountability to ensure that court fines are being remitted to the State for the judicial system and law enforcement agencies.

Hopkins says they're caught up on all the audits, except for the year 2012.

Hopkins explained, "With the audit being done


we're paying everybody that we did owe


because we had six lawsuits when I came to this community


and now all of the lawsuits are gone. We have an attorney now for the Town of Sellers."

Hopkins adds the town is using money from Marion County's penny sales tax to build a new town hall.

The old town was built in 1902. It was rundown and on the brink of caving in.

It was demolished last week.

"It was just about ready to collapse. When they was taking it down, one hit knocked the whole building down. And it was nothing that we could

do to

save because it was just so old and infested


and it was time that we get out."

The town also received a grant to renovate an old church into a library and community center.

Mayor Hopkins says they're on the right track and looking forward to a brighter future.

"Never thought it would happen. But you know if you have a vision and set down and make a plan and get with the right people that God put in your path , you'll be blessed."