Town officials begin Bike Fest clean-up

As Memorial Day weekend comes to an end, so does the Atlantic Beach Bike Fest and clean up crews started early Monday morning picking up what was left behind.

After the town of Atlantic Beach saw a much bigger biker crowd this year, the clean up efforts extended past the four block town.

Bike fest crowds overflowed to Myrtle Beach's Ocean Boulevard this past weekend, but as tourists walked the Boulevard Monday morning, the scarps, the mess and the trash were already gone.

"Our crews work over the weekend. They worked everyday over the weekend to get out early in the morning to pick up litter to make sure our beach was as clean as it could be and that includes Ocean Boulevard," said Mark Kruea, Myrtle Beach Spokesperson.

Kruea said workers started sweeping the city at 3 a.m. Memorial day morning. But in Atlantic Beach, Memorial day tourists were singing a different tone.

"Over here, it's filthiness and it's giving a bad name for Atlantic Beach," said Contrenia Brown of Bennettsville.

Monday afternoon in Atlantic Beach, crowds still swarmed the town that was littered with trash.

A Myrtle Beach restaurant owner, that did not wish to be identified, said she thought the clean up effort last year was much better than this year.

Town Manager Calvin Blanton said he expects the town to be clean by the middle of this week.

One resident complained about a conflict of interest since Atlantic Beach fired town councilwoman Windy Price's husband, Darnell Price to clean up. But Blanton said Price's business was the only one that bid for the contract.