Town of Timmonsville sued by former attorneys

Willcox, Buyck and Williams Law Firm in Florence has sued the Town of Timmonsville for unpaid legal fees from November 2006 until May 2013.

The firm says the town owes them $151, 221.99.

The law firm has tried to get the money several times, but Timmonsville has refused.

Last February, the law firm filed a judgement against the town.

The firm asked the court to order Timmonsville to make arrangements to pay roughly $120,000.

Willcox, Buyck and Williams represented the town for five years before its services were terminated last February.

This is the third lawsuit against the town since June.

On June 5, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control filed a federal lawsuit against Timmonsville saying the town's wastewater and drinking water violations are a potential risk to human health.

The lawsuit asks a federal judge to order Timmonsville to address the imminent, substantial and potential risks to human health posed by discharges of raw sewage or partially treated wastewater into the environment.

Timmonsville resident Rose Desarno sued the town two weeks ago on behalf of the People of Timmonsville over problems with the water quality and ongoing sewage issues.

Desarno's lawsuit names Timmonsville, American Honda Company, Timmonsville Mayor Darrick Jackson and former Mayor James Beard as defendants.

Timmonsville has yet to respond to any of the lawsuits.