Tourists fuel fireworks sales

Fireworks shop owners say they have noticed a trend in tourists buying fireworks at least two weeks before July 4th and that locals will tend to stock-up a day or two before the 4th.

Fireworks mean big business around Independence Day and for some area businesses, locals are not their biggest customers.

"Tourists probably buy more overall. You've got people from all over fortunately in our town...from quite a bit of places all over the United States and Canada. The Canadians buy a bit," said Randy Shoemaker, manager of Mr. Fireworks in Myrtle Beach.

Jonathan Deganis is on vacation from Canada, where he doesn't see stores that only sell fireworks.

"We have fireworks at places, but they don't actually have stores like this," Deganis said.

Fireworks may be legal to buy in South Carolina, but that doesn't mean it's legal to set them off everywhere in the state.

Check your municipality, city or county for specific laws about fireworks.

For tips on using fireworks safely, click here.