Tourists, bikers have mixed reactions to Bike Fest noise and traffic

Biker at Atlantic Beach Bike Fest

Saturday marks the second day of the Atlantic Beach Memorial Day Bike Fest and the familiar sounds of motorcycles are back on the Grand Strand and so is the traffic.

"You get to meet everyone at the same time so it's just a great event. Sun, beach, what more could you have, your women, your ladies, I mean the club, your friends, the water, you can't beat it," said biker Laketa Cole.

When it comes to the noise from the bike week, one North Myrtle Beach resident explained it's something he can live without.

"The noise is an all night thing especially Saturday night and Sunday night. They don't try to keep it down, they try to make them as loud as possible," said Skip Contos.

He added he could live without the traffic too, "you can't go from here south, if you do that even when you try to go down there, it's just a two hour traffic wait."

But for some bikers, the traffic is just something you expect, something that goes with the territory.

"We don't say it's so bad, we know how to get around it. You find different alternative routes to get around it. It's fine for us," explained Cole.

But regardless of whether you're a tourist, a local, or a biker, traffic is going to affect everyone this Memorial Day weekend and SC Highway Patrol does have some tips on how you can avoid it.

"Southern end of Myrtle Beach, down toward Surfside and Garden City, you should see it lesson down there. You're still going to see a lot of traffic mainly because it's a holiday but the motorcycle traffic's mainly going to be Myrtle Beach and north," said LCpl. Sonny Collins with Highway Patrol.

If you are heading north into Atlantic Beach, Collins said to make sure you stay in the right lane to get into the traffic chute which opens at 37th Avenue South and ends at 27th Avenue South.

"That barrier gives some folks some protection against the traffic that is continuing northbound on 17," he explained.

For those leaving the beach on Monday to head out of town, Highway Patrol is asking bikers and motorists to try and use Highway 22 instead of Highway 501 to avoid congestion.